Leather and Fabric Colors The Because these sets are custom made to order, you get to choose from 95 Top Grain Leather Colors, 10 Bonded Leather Colors, or 160 Fabric Colors..

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3000 Grade Leathers - Top Grain "Natural"

Broadway Alabaster

Broadway Bone

Broadway Crimson

Broadway Granite

Broadway Java

Broadway Khaki

Broadway Mink

Broadway Onyx

Broadway Spice

Broadway Toffee

Bronco Bourbon

Bronco Carbon

Bronco Cerise

Bronco Fog

Bronco Ginger

Bronco Malt

Bronco Peat

Bronco Star

Carnival Bamboo

Carnival Claret

Carnival Haze

Carnival Lager

Carnival Moss

Carnival Penny

Carnival Raven

Carnival Riviera

Carnival Tavern

3000 Grade Leathers - Top Grain "Natural"
Natural Grain Leathers are uncorrected leathers that are made from only the finest unblemished hides. A natural grain is the softest, most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. The mild softness and silky feel of these natural leathers make them a pleasure to touch and the rich scent and natural beauty will stir your senses. If you want the best, Natural Grain Leathers are well worth the cost.

The 3000 Grade Corrected Top Grain Leathers are made up of 3 unique series of leathers:

Broadway Series: (10 colors) Alabaster, Bone, Crimson, Granite, Java, Khaki, Mink, Onyx, Spice, and Toffee
The Broadway Series leathers feature a uniquely modern and stylish finish with a hint of rustic charm.

Bronco Series: (8 colors) Bourbon, Carbon, Cerise, Fog, Ginger, Malt, Peat, and Star
The Bronco Series leathers feature a uniquely modern and stylish finish with a hint of rustic charm.

Carnival Series: (9 colors) Bamboo, Claret, Haze, Lager, Moss, Penny, Raven, Riviera, and Tavern
The Carnival Series leathers have the strongest protective finish of the natural grain leathers. A slight glossy appearance with delicate natural shading adds warmth and depth to this very soft natural grain leather.

Grade 3000 leathers are available only in 100% leather, leather match is not available.

Cleaning: Light dusting with a clean damp cloth. DO NOT SATURATE

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Leather and Fabric Colors

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