LG133 Black



Leather Gel
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • High-end look/feel of expensive leather without the cost
Leather Gel is leather infused with fibrous materials, and has significantly better wear and hydrolysis ratings than other artificial leathers. This material is tested to exceed 130,000 double rubs, and the hydrolysis testing exceeds a 5 year lifespan. With its current construction and backing, this material is breathable, but also easy to clean. Leather Gel has the feel of a high-end leather but at an affordable price while also being better for the consumer's health by eliminating the production of DMF, a common bi-product from refining leathers. Leather Gel is created by taking the wet blue scraps from tannery hides and melting it down to a gel. Then the gel is combined with liquid polymers and is set into the face of the fabric and coated at the base, adding water resistance. The finished hide is then sent back to the tannery to tumble and heat, which then creates the nearly identical texture and likeliness of leather.

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